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Exclusive Masterclass with Henry Heng

Recently, The Actors’ Society organised an Exclusive Masterclass for Actors conducted by veteran artiste Henry Heng!

Who’s Henry Heng?

Henry Heng joined the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (now Mediacorp) as an artiste in the early 80’s. An accomplished singer and host, Henry is most well-known for his versatile acting, appearing frequently in dramas on Channel 5, Channel 8 and Suria.

Henry was recently the main spokesperson for the Merdeka Generation media campaign, and and was also one of the faces of the HDB campaign for their Buy-Back lease scheme. He is currently filming a new long-form Channel 8 drama and will soon front yet another major national campaign.

Henry hopes to be able to pass his hard-earned knowledge and wisdom to the next generation of actors, and to elevate the quality and authenticity of our local entertainment scene.

The Masterclass was conducted via Zoom at 7:30 p.m. on Friday 4 September.

After a round of introductions, Henry shared with us the key components of preparing for an acting job, and what to do on set in order to deliver a good performance and make the right professional impression. 

This was followed by scene work, during which our participants were split into pairs to tackle scenes from three genres: dramatic, comedic and romantic. Participants received peer feedback after their presentations, as well as expert advice and tips from Henry. 

After a well-earned break, Henry resumed the evening with our career guidance segment, during which he gave us his take on how to build a successful, long-lasting acting career, based on his personal experience and hard-won wisdom from four prolific decades of working as an actor. 

We ended the evening with a question and answer session, during which participants had the chance to ask Henry for advice and help with their own specific issues and challenges.

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© 2019 The Actors’ Society. All Rights Reserved

© 2019 The Actors’ Society.
All Rights Reserved

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