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Talent Agreement Template

The Actors’ Society has created this template based on the key terms of engagement form template by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). MOM and The Actors’ Society (TAS) are not liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using this template. MOM and TAS are also not responsible for mediating any dispute that arise from a contract concluded using this template.

Tripartite Standards for Media Freelancers

The TS Media Freelancers is intended to encourage fair and progressive employment practices by companies and to provide better support for media freelancers.

Adopters of Tripartite Standards

This is the list of organisations which have adopted the Tripartite Standards.

Service Contracts

Self-Employed Persons
Quick guidelines on what to include in a service contract for Self-Employed Persons.
Media Freelancers
Quick guidelines on how to make a fair and progressive service contract when engaging media freelancers.

Advocates for the Arts:

A Legal Handbook for the Creative Industries
Put together by the Law Society Pro Bono Services, this handbook serves as a useful resource on basic legal issues, to anyone in or related to the creative industries. It covers a whole range of topics, including contracts, employment, intellectual property, limits to creative expression, amongst others, which were identified based on feedback and input from the creative community. 

Law Works:

I Want to be a Freelance Professional
This e-book provides pointers on the legal rights of freelancers, the terms to include in a freelance contract (including terms on intellectual property and confidential information), the resolution of disputes between freelancers and hirers, claims from third parties, and the liabilities of freelancers and hirers.

© 2019 The Actors’ Society. All Rights Reserved

© 2019 The Actors’ Society.
All Rights Reserved

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