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(TAS AGM 2020) Annual General Meeting

The Actors’ Society first ever Annual General Meeting (TAS AGM 2020) was held on 6th June 2020 via Zoom. It was chaired and hosted by Tiffany Yong, the secretary of the first committee and assisted by Tammie Chew and Drake Lim.

The meeting first started with a round of introduction, followed by a introduction of how The Actors’ Society came about and how it started from the Actors’ Guild of Singapore (AGS). Tiffany then presented TAS’ mission, vision and goals to the attendees and members, as well as the key supporters and friends of the society.

After checking in on the welfare and situation of the members, Drake then presented the financial report and Tammie the annual report before the official nomination and election started.

TAS AGM 2020

The Actors’ Society is proud to introduce our newly elected team.

Chairperson: Laura Kee
Vice-Chair: Eleanor Tan
Secretary: Joel Low
Treasurer: Tammie Chew
Committee: Tiffany Yong, Ian Ketsumasa, Drake Lim, Rio Tylor, Christopher Yong
Honorary Auditors: Chee Hoew and Dezhong

They will be serving as the TAS Main Committee for 2020/2021. Welcome, and thank you for volunteering your time & services!

TAS AGM 2020 KEY Committee Decision:

  • Committee confirms the lowering of subscription rate to $75 for Ordinary and Associate membership and $30 for Youth membership.
  • In view of COVID-19, Members who join us this year (2020) will pay $75 (which will last until end of 2021).
  • For members who have paid up already ($150) will have their membership last until 31 Dec 2022.
  • The committee has gotten registered members insured with Group Personal Accident of $50,000 coverage and an annual Medical Reimbursement of $2000 till 31st December 2020.
  • A telegram group is set up for TAS members to keep all members updated with the latest news, events and perks.
  • Actors’ Jam to launch the following month where all members get to join the session for free. Non-members to join with a nominal fee.

Want to try out our Actors’ Jam or Know when is our next event?

© 2019 The Actors’ Society. All Rights Reserved

© 2019 The Actors’ Society.
All Rights Reserved

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